Meltblown fabrics are produced through the process of melt blowing in which PP polymers are extruded through small nozzles and is surrounded by high speed blowing gas which causes the extruded fibers to be much finer than spunbond. The fibers blown through the nozzles are collected and form a meltblown sheet product which is desired for its filtration, sorbent and apparel properties. Meltblown’s filtration quality prevents the penetration of very fine particles and microorganisms including bacteria, thus, catering to the medical and hygiene industries.

Our Meltblown fabrics are produced to yield high Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and the Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) results. Our materials are tested against ASTM F2101, ASTM F2299, EN 14683 and JIS B9908 standards or as required by customers.

Our capacity is 3,000 MT/year.

Medical (Masks), Filtration, Layers for Composite, High Performance Wipes

Furniture & Bedding
Medical (Mask, Gown, PPE)
Layers for Composite